Coming to Albania

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Back to why you visit Albania…Located on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, Albania is located near to the main European markets and can be visited easily by air, land and sea.

Albania has been considered a hidden gem of the Balkans for some time now, with multiple articles from prestigious international media mentioning it and giving hints and suggestions on how to make the best of your time. However, although North and South are the where tourists can find most of their points of interested, Tirana remains the business capital of Albania and the center of economic connections.

But let’s start things right. How to get there?

The only airport in Albania with international service is Mother Theresa International Airport, located in Rinas, just 17 km northwest of Tirana. The most convenient way to get from the airport to Tirana is by taxi. The journey from Tirana to the airport takes twenty to thirty minutes, depending on traffic, and costs about 2,500 lekë (or 20 EURO) each way. If you call a taxi service (plenty of reliable taxi providers in Tirana, speed, city taxi just to name a few) you could get an offer of 1,500 Leke for one-way trip, and they wait for you at the arrivals section so you avoid confusion going out of the airport. The Rinas Express bus departs every hour between 6am and 6pm, as an hourly bus service between the Airport and the National Museum in the center of Tirana. The single fare is 250 Albanian Lekë.

Entry requirements
EU citizens as well as those from most other European countries plus the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan can enter Albania without a visa. Other travelers need to get a visa from an Albanian embassy or consulate abroad before travelling. More information can be found on the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at


Other Information
“Mother Teresa” Airport
The airport has a duty free shop, Customs operates 24 hours a day.
Phone: 00355 4/2381800/1600, Fax: 00355 4/2379065

Lost & Found:
Phone: 00355 4/2381681/82, Mobile phone: 00355 69 20 66626
E-mail:, Website:

Money & Costs
The Albanian currency is the lek. The lek is a non-convertible currency and must be changed back into your own currency before leaving Albania. ATMs are found all over Tirana, and the commissions depend on the Bank you choose to withdraw from and your issuing Banks commissions. Cash can be changed at exchange offices found all over the city. It’s also possible to change money our hotel. If you’re doing anything outside the immediate city center or are planning to travel to any remote locations, be sure to carry cash, the POS usage is not very diffused out of the city centers.