Tirana is a pleasant provider of high-quality hotels, the newest gem in town being our boutique hotel, with our great reviews and views. It is the best situated hotel in Tirana, with a breathtaking décor, and comfortable, tailored-to your needs rooms and service. Arte will become you home away from home.

A multi-functional hotel, it is hard to combine the best service, best food, and best views and our beautifully prepared signature drinks, and alas, we did it! It is all in here, every single feature a hotel must have is right here, at Arte’, with our boutique hotel vibe.

Where to eat

Our hotel offers healthy and gourmet dishes artfully prepared by our own chef. Our brunch menu, so well-known to the locals, has turned brunch a new tradition in Tirana. Dishes are carefully prepared with seasonal ingredients, to provide you healthy food to satisfy your palete and eye. In short, a plate that will satisfy all your senses. But if you want to explore, you may find a few traditional restaurants in Tirana that offer delicious traditional food.

Traditional food:

MULLIXHIU (located near the lake, a 5-minute walk from Arte’) offers fine dining, great hospitality and family warmth that honors the tradition and values. This restaurant offers a peculiar culinary experience.

Era restaurant (near the bllok area also, a 3-minute walk from Arte’) has been serving tourists and locals since 1999 in a warm and welcoming environment.  It is the Albanian “traditional food” chain. Cooking is based on the tradition of Albanian and Mediterranean culinary, but you may find an ample menu to fulfill most people’s needs.